Cavemouth are a Westcountry / White-Stripesy / filthy-swamp-bluesy / meat disco four-piece (having recently recruited Mr. Duncan ‘The Hook’ Hook, on Saxophone). Based on the wilds of Exmoor, the band live off a strict diet of road-kill and make music to keep the neighbours away and the ‘foxes’ in.

Fronted by Sketchy Lex (Waxed Apple, Pipe and Slippers, The Great Indoors, Komodo Lute) on filthy guitar and vocals, and backed by Wreckless Richie (The Vibration Doctors, Obedient Bone, Mozura) on big-boy drums and Flamin’ Mo (Selectiv’, The Invisible Opera Company of Tibet, Mozura) on funked-up bass and vocals, the band produce a fabulously gritty original sound, blending blues, funk and hip-hop with african-influenced tuneage and mind-altering lyrics. “Guaranteed to get you up and out of your seat and sweating, Cavemouth are the aural equivalent to a night on a stairmaster, drinking jack daniels through a pair of fishnet tights.”