Duncan Disorderly & The Scallywags

Duncan Disorderly “Best band of the festival 2012″ – Loo (Artist Management) – Big Green Gathering

“Highly entertaining and top notch feel good bounce. When they play our stage the garden comes alive and it’s always a real nice day! Our festival season wouldn’t be the same without them. We love that beach.” Lost Horizons Sauna Stag& the scallywagse  

“Skank fest party music. The party follows them wherever they go.” Pony – Small world Solar Stage and Festival Organiser.


“They delivered an amazing feast of wonderment.. like some bouncy, friendly, delicious monster of lovely vibes and fun.. it was my favourite music moment of the whole festy.”  Carl Youri – Animator.

You’ve seen them at every festival. You might even have caught them playing naked, but fear not – the only scurvy you can catch from these scoundrels is “non-stop dancing feet disorder.” Bringing pure happiness to each and every stage, the festival spirit is in the Scallywags’ roots – wherever they go the party follows. Playing Stomping, Gypsy, Rumba, Reggae, Swing with a shiny African soul, heartfelt harmonies, catchy melodies and a positive message, the Scallywags keep you dancing from dusk until dawn. This is World Music, Party Music, Adventure Music… Goodtimes music!