Jess McAllister

“Heartfelt, emotional lyrics and progressive melodies make you feel Jess is not just singing the songs, she’s living them.” John Govier BBC Radio Devon

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A message from Jess:

“There is a lot of music out there. We are exposed to thousands of people singing at us every single day. Talent shows and youtube feed our society images of pretty little girls screeching impressively high notes, and sweet little wide eyed boys playing 5 instruments at once, all bleating out Adele and Michael Jackson covers… Amazing.

I do not sing, write or play to impress or astound. I am readily aware that there is nothing I can do that someone else can’t do better: scales, arpeggios, playing Rachmaninov on a Steinway on top of a mountain whilst rapping Kanye West over the top (okay I can’t do that). What I can offer is a little piece of myself:- songs written in times of happiness, anguish or irritation, about real people. My boss, my best friend, my husband, my mother, my brother, my son. I am sharing my life and experiences through music. You are under no obligation to accept what I offer, thats the beauty of it.”

painted face

Press: Express & Echo (Exeter)
“Proving that anything is possible if you want it enough is Exeter-based Jess McAllister, who is releasing her debut EP Painted Faces.

The nu-folk songwriter started out on the pub folk circuit before performing and writing with reggae ska band Peachy Farmer during her time at Exeter University. They played lots of gigs and festivals, including Glastonbury, but wanting to change genre Jess left the band and was invited to go on tour in the UK with a folk band.

The 26 year old’s solo music career is now destined for great things, with the release of Painted Faces on Saturday, October 19, and a UK tour with Belfast based band The Emerald Armada.

Jess’s EP intertwines the rambling joy of a folk collective with an unusual production style, layering and lacing acoustic roots to create an adventurous and individual debut release.”