Slipdown Dog

“This is what it would sound like if Black Sabbath had a fight with Neil Young & Bob Dylan whilst Tom Waits drank whisky in the corner. Slipdown Dog are a bunch of musicians who have been beaten up by life and clawed their way back from hell just to play music together, tough and uncompromisingly honest music that is shot straight from the depths of the soul.”

Slipdown Dog is clearly a band that ploughs its own musical path. When asked to describe their sound, this Devon based quartet will just turn, smile and say “Deep Southwest”, a genre which seems to include such styles as country, rock, pop, blues, dance, metal, funk and jazz. Whatever the genre, this band write and play energetic acoustic music with tight rhythms designed to make audiences dance, stomp, cry, shout and scream. Whether they are headlining a festival, supporting a major artist, or playing to a small crowd in a back-street pub, Slipdown Dog always brings the same attentive professionalism to every single performance.

The band were formed in 2010 by front man, Paul Besselle when he grew tired of playing on his own as a solo artist, and wanted the “oomph” of a band behind him. Paul enlisted long term musical cohorts Si Paull (ex Ella Edmondson drummer) on percussion and Dave Watts (ex Zubina singer) on bass and vocals, and the trio were later joined by guitar virtuoso Jay O’Connor (ex Seth Lakeman guitarist). The band have supported the likes of The Martin Harley Band and Cosmo Jarvis, and are firm favourites on the South West festival scene.