Sound of the Sirens

    Two girls, two guitars, one big sound.

Formed in late 2009, Sound of the Sirens is a tale of serendipity, friendship and talent. With a desire to create music to restore the credibility of female artists that has been destroyed by the relentless bombardment of TV ‘talent’ shows, the Exeter-based duo “provide some of the most amazing vocal harmonies I have ever heard, and quite possibly ever will hear.” (Keith’s reviews).

Abbe and Hannah are passionate about the music they write and play, and their live performances are charismatic and memorable. “Their music may be heavily influenced by folk, but their vocal interplay takes its cue from the soul stylings of superstars Destiny’s Child and En Vogue.” (Coventry Telegraph). “Each member is a clear talent in their own right, but it is the combination which creates the real magic, magnifying their individual strengths.” (Along The Floor and Up The Wall).

The girls feature regularly on local radio, have done intimate pub gigs with Ed Sheeran, Billy Bragg, Chris Woods, Paper Aeroplanes, Ryan Keen, Karima Francis, Cole Stacey, Rodney Brannigan and Jake Morley, played over 150 gigs in 2 years, and a dozen festivals in 2013.