Homegrown Balkan Skip-Hop bounce from the Shire.

Trotfox 2

A Trotfox is a rare breed of manimal, prone to singing impossible folk tales and drinking improbable cocktails. Its mating call has been reported to share sonic qualities with the impassioned steeze of the hip hop MC, the undulating vocal turbulence of the tipsy gypsy, and the the undeniable stomp of a pink elephant parade.

Trotfox is a gyp-hop ensemble formed in late 2014, wielding a well-crafted brand of gypsy/jazz-infused rap bounce that has already supported the likes of Mungo’s Hi-Fi, The Mouse Outfit, and Dutty Moonshine Big Band. Their live set reps a formidable 5-piece concoction of double bass, brass and woodwind amongst electronic beats and samples, completed by two vibrant MC/vocalists and multi-instrumentalists. They also have a separate turntable/MC 3-piece set up available to book.

A zesty EP was released in 2015 (to be followed up in the Spring of 2016), and collaborations with the venerable swingman DonJohnston and ghetto-funk badman Dephicit were released on Ragtime Records in September, peaking at no.1 on BeatPort Pro’s glitch-hop chart.

In the year since Trotfox’s conception they have played several high-profile sets and performed on large stages at festivals including Beautiful Days, No Mans Land and Goulash Disko festival in Croatia. An intrepid stage presence, playful and poignant lyricisms and danceable grooves have earned them a devoted following in the south west, and the future looks brighter still.