Ushti Baba

Ushti Baba are an eight piece fusion band who deliver traditional and original travelling songs with exuberance and panache.  The band’s infectious spirit and passion for the stories behind the songs has gained them fans nationwide. They combine raucous accordion, sonorous strings and exotic percussive rhythms with stomping Balkan and contemporary beats to create an exciting and energetic live show which never fails to get audiences dancing. Their heart-wrenching Celtic melodies and dark Circesque sounds are mashed up with Jungle / DnB / Dubstep beats delivered by beatbox extraordinaire, Jack Salt.

Ushti Baba burst onto the festival scene in 2013, with performances at Sunrise, Rhythmtree, Jamboree, Boomtown, Nozstock, Beatherder, Maker, and many others. Early booking advised for 2014 festivals and summer parties!